What is a Homeowners’ Association? by AtHomeNet

AtHomeNet, an online resource for community associations, presents the following brief introduction to homeowners’ associations.

A homeowners’ association, or HOA, is a governing body that regulates certain aspects of a planned community development. The association typically determines rules for the properties within the development and collects dues to be used for maintenance of common areas. If a person purchases a home in an area that is governed by an HOA, that person is typically required to belong to and pay dues to the organization.

HOAs have also been known to levy fines on or even evict residents who break certain community rules, such as those regarding outdoor home décor or pet ownership. Rules may include the color of the home’s door, the type of vehicle a resident may have on-site, or what type of window covering a resident may have facing the street. The degree of strictness, like the membership fee, varies with the location and type of community.

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