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In the world of online marketing and SEO, press releases remain an important part of public relations work. Here is a look at how issuing press releases can help build your company’s online presence.

One purpose of an online press release is to catch the attention of search engines, so that people searching for topics relevant to what your company does are more likely to find your website.

In order to create a compelling press release, it is essential to follow a few simple rules.Image1. Write about something newsworthy.

This could be a product launch, an award, an upcoming event, a new director or employee, a donation your company made, a sponsorship your business has pledged, or something similar. In order to justify the press release format, create something that appears to be news.

2. Don’t try to sell anything directly.

Press releases are about raising the visibility of your company. It is acceptable to highlight the benefits and features of a new product or service, but not to actually pitch it to your readers.

3. Optimize for relevant keywords.

In order to obtain good search-engine ranking, be sure to use keywords effectively, especially in the title.

4. Write well.

Follow the rules of good journalism and style. Once you publish your press release, its quality will be linked to your company’s image.

5. Provide a link to your website.

Press releases should contain an “about” section at the end. This is where you can direct readers to your site.

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